1. I have to admit that when I buy makeup I don’t pay attention if it’s cruelty free or not. At the same time, I feel guilty when I buy from a company that I know for sure is not cruelty free. It’s probably obvious I’m a big Urban Decay and ABH fan, so I’m glad they are on the list. We all need to be more conscious if we want to change the industry.

    xoxo Amanda | theaestheticedge.com

    1. I totally feel you, it wasn’t something I paid attention to first as well and that’s why I still have some products in my collection. I agree, the least we can do is be more conscious!

  2. It’s so important to be a conscious consumer when it comes to what brands we support. I’ve been trying to finish my last few products that aren’t cruelty free and exclusively support ethical brands. All of the brands you mentioned in this list are some of my favorites -I hope every other you didn’t mention will transition to being cruelty free in the future! Thanks for sharing all of this information!


    1. That’s so amazing, you’re doing great! I’m glad to see that a lot of brands do take cruelty-free seriously, but it would be great if other brands would transition to cruelty-free in the near future as well.

  3. This is so helpful, I’m like you, I buy mostly brands that here are cruelty free but sell in China, still, I’m trying to learn. The statistics are horrible though, those numbers are so high

  4. Thank you for this massive useful post! I always try to use as much cruelty free makeup as possible – but sometimes I really can’t replace what I have and I do feel very guilty for it, for example my main foundation now is L’Oreal’s 24h Matte Cover foundation, it works soooo well for me and has SPF and is affordable, I really hope L’Oreal stop selling to China so they can be considered cruelty free one day!

    1. I feel you, it’s sometimes so hard to stop using products because they’re working very well for you but it’s not cruelty-free. I do believe in trying the best you can but it doesn’t have to be perfect.

  5. This was a great post. I’m not always sure what it means when a brand is cruelty-free, but the parent company is not? Like, what does that mean overall? Great to see some of these brands completely cruelty-free, with no other stipulations. Go Milk Makeup for having Leaping Bunny certification! I’m yet to try anything from this brand, but this has definitely pushed me to want to try some Milk Makeup products more than ever.

    Also, thanks for sharing the really helpful resources at the end. Really appreciate it and it’s definitely something I’m going to look at! xx

  6. I love animals more than humans and they deserve but don’t have equal rights. It breaks my heart to see how they are victimized by humans who feel entitled. People believe they are superior so they kill them for food, sport and being homeless. which actually makes them inferior. Wish that I could do something to fix the situation but I cannot financially afford it, also do eat meat since the killing hasn’t stopped. Torturing and killing critters should be illegal.

    1. Monat is Leaping Bunny certified, which means that they’re cruelty-free. However, Monat is an MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) company and most of these companies live off of unethical practices. I’m not the biggest fan of MLM companies so I would recommend reading into it before purchasing. Either way, it’s your own decision and they’re cruelty-free. 🙂

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