1. Thanks for the information. Do you know if Paula’s Choice makeup, specifically eye shadows which they sold in the past, is heavy metal free, most important is mercury? I contracted heavy metal poisoning and am detoxing so it’s vital I don’t use any makeup, eat any food, etc. that may have heavy metals. I stocked up on their “4 Mattes and Glam” eye shadow box set a few years back when they were on a closeout sale. So I have 20 shadow boxes. If you know please let me know. Thanks.

    1. Hi Kathy! I went on investigation and the 4 Mattes and Glam Palettes does contain tin oxide and may contain iron oxides and Titanium Dioxide. These materials are often produced in a lab to remove any heavy-metal contamination. They are gentle on the skin and safe for use anywhere on the body. I couldn’t find anything about mercury in this palette so by the looks of it, this palette doesn’t contain heavy metals.

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